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Daimyo were the largest and most powerful feudal lords and landowners in Japan from the 10th -19th century.  The term “Daimyo” was also used to describe a clan leader, also called a “Lord"

Daimyo were subordinate only to the Shogun and employed Samurai to guard their land. 

Daimyo means a Military Lord and also translates from Japanese as ‘Big name'

2016 Daimyo Award

Christopher Bruce (6th Dan)

Christopher Bruce has a very colourful career.  He has been a professional musician, and aircraft engineer, a software engineer, a councillor, a Mayor, a yacht sailor and starting Karate in his mid forties is now a 6th Dan in Wado-Ryu Karate, some thirty five years later. During his career he has toured with Joe Cocker and Joe Brown, stood face to face with a Dalek, worked on Concorde and the  Puma helicopter and the Tornado fighter aircraft.  Read more...


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Dr. Trevor Runcie - 2016

trevor runcie shogun

Read more about Dr. Trevor Runcie 

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Hayley Bloodworth (corporate solicitor, 3rd Dan)

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