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Daimyo were the largest and most powerful feudal lords and landowners in Japan from the 10th -19th century.  The term “Daimyo” was also used to describe a clan leader, also called a “Lord"

Daimyo were subordinate only to the Shogun and employed Samurai to guard their land. 

Daimyo means a Military Lord and also translates from Japanese as ‘Big name

2017 Daimyo 

bob harper

Bob Harper

headshot paul oconnor

Paul O’Connor MBE

Scott Baxter head

Scott Baxter

Simon Robertson award copy 2

Simon Robertson (4th Dan)

stewart devine  copy

Stewart Devine MBE

Alex Bruce copy

Alex Bruce

2016 Daimyo Award

Andy Murdoch

Andy Murdoch (5th dan)

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Paul Kee (7th Dan) 

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Christopher Bruce (6th Dan)

chris bruce daimyo copy

Christopher Bruce has a very colourful career.  He has been a professional musician, and aircraft engineer, a software engineer, a councillor, a Mayor, a yacht sailor and starting Karate in his mid forties is now a 6th Dan in Wado-Ryu Karate, some thirty five years later. During his career he has toured with Joe Cocker and Joe Brown, stood face to face with a Dalek, worked on Concorde and the  Puma helicopter and the Tornado fighter aircraft.  Read more...


Dr. Trevor Runcie - 2016

trevor runcie shogun

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IMG 0128

Hayley Bloodworth (corporate solicitor, 3rd Dan)

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