Tyrone Smith


2005 - 2006: I am absolutely delighted to have received this accolade, following in the footsteps of the many other worthy winners of the award. As a sports journalist while focussing on the area's so called major sports ... football, rugby and golf etc I think it is important that we highlight the huge range of other pursuits enjoyed by so many, whether it is just for fun or on a competitive basis.Martial Arts is one such activity which I have had the pleasure of covering over the years ..... and have always been amazed by the enthusiasm, passion and commitment shown by those participating and by those taking the time to pass on their skills to their students.

One event which stood out for me was Aberdeen's successful staging of the WKC Karate World Championships in 2001.

Thousands of spectators and competitors gathered from around the world for a sporting spectacle which put the city firmly on the martial arts world map and also provided evidence of the Granite city's ability to stage top class sporting tournaments.

I look forward to covering and reporting on more successes in the field of martial arts over the coming years.

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