Wall of Fame

Great Shogun - OSS 大将軍 

Prof. Andy Porter

Compton Ross, Executive Film Producer

Daisuke Matsunaga, Consul General of Japan in Edinburgh.

George Adam, Lord Provost of Aberdeen.

George Popper, (Hungary) President of IBSS

Hon. Adam Bruce

Joanna Lumley OBE FRGS Actres, author and human rights activist. 

Dr. Joseph Morrow, Lord Lyon king of Arms.

Lady Bruce Dr. Alice Enders

Lord Charles Bruce, Honorary Patron of the Japan Society of Scotland

Lord Elgin - Andrew Douglas Alexander Thomas Bruce, 11th Earl of Elgin & 15th Earl of Kincardine

Martin Gilbert, CEO Aberdeen Asset Management 

Peter Carry (jeweller)

Sir Ian Wood CBE, CEO Wood Group

Stewart Spence MBE - Aberdeen 5 star hotelier. 

The Very Reverend Professor Iain R Torrance.

Tommy Dreelan, Celtic Speed Racing Team

Shogun - OSS 将軍 

Alain Verbeeck (6th Dan) -  France 

Albert Thomson, Founder of the Grampian Police Diced Cap Charitable Trust

Alex Johnstone, MSP

Alex Salmond, First Minister of Scotland & member of the UK Parliament

Bill Berry MBE, Judo (7th Dan)

Billy Connolly, Comedian, Musician, Actor & television documentarist

Colin Taylor, Lord Dean of Guild of the Burgesses of Aberdeen

Darren-Jon AshmoreDirector of Japan Studies & Head of performing Arts, Yamanashi Gakuin University.

David “Jock” Calder (6th Dan) 

Dr Fritz Wendland, Founding President of the World Karate Confederation

Dr. George Carruthers

Fred Dalgarno, former Dean of Guild of the Burgesses of Aberdeen

Gordon Casely

Gordon McIntosh, Aberdeen City Council

Hajime Kitaoka. (Consul General of Japan in Edinburgh)

Ian Kirk, Local Businessman

Ian Taylor

Jim Millar, Policy Advisor to Alex Johnstone MSP

John Cox

Juraj Staffa, Author, Political Advisor and Martial Artist.

Kazuo Yamazaki (5th dan) (Japan) founder of Aberdeen Kendo Club.

Mr. Masataka Tarahara, Consul General of Japan

Michael Lacktorin, founding dean of the International College of Liberal Arts.

Mike Mitchell, Actor, twice Mr. Universe, 5 times World Body Building Champion

Ronald Watt OBE, ORS

Urs Matthias ZachmannProfessor of Modern Japanese Culture and History at Freie Universität Berlin

William Reed, Japanologist, master of traditional Japanese arts, language and culture.

Daimyo -Military Lord OSS 大名 

Andy Murdoch

Christopher Bruce - 6th Dan Wado-ryu, Mayor, Musician, Aircraft engineer.

Dr. Trevor Runcie

Hayley Bloodworth (Corporate Solicitor, 3rd Dan)

Mike Kennedy

Paul Kee (Sweden) - 7th dan international Karate Kata Champion and instructor.

Rumiko Ishigami (Japan)

Legendary SamuraiOSS 伝説の侍        


Aberdeen City Council accepted by Lord Provost George Adam

Alf Ronny Fagerland Sensei, President of NKF Norway

Andy Anderson, Businessman

Angela McIntyre (4th Dan)

Beverly Graham

Carole Kelman (5th Dan)

Dr Trevor Runcie, Computer Scientist, software entrepreneur (2nd Dan)

Dr. Clive Layton (author)

Etsuko Yamazaki (Japan)

Frank Gilfeather, Journalist & Broadcaster

Hironori Katagiri and Kate Thomson, husband & wife sculptors

Ian & Fiona Ellis, World & European Gold Medalists (karate)

Jim & Sandra Rogerson

John Cox (5th Dan), Chair, Aberdeenshire Council

John Reynolds, former Lord Provost of Aberdeen

Len Ironside CBE, Wrestling

Lisa Calder, Childrens Female Kumite WKC World Champion Gold Medalist

Margaret Smith former Lord Provost of Aberdeen

Mike Bissett (6th Dan)

Mr Hajime Kiteoka, Consul General of Japan,

Ross Thomson MSP

Tyrone Smith, Sports Journalist

Vivienne Grant (5th Dan)

Elite Samurai OSS エリート武士

Andy Douglas

Becca Hobart

Callum Farquhar Japan Society of Scotland Treasurer. Arranged for 500 boy scouts from Scotland to visit Japan 

Charles Edmond Japan Society of Scotland , Japan Scotland Relations.

Charlie Abel (3rd Dan) - musician

Chris Davison (3rd Dan)

Rona Grimmer

Yvonne Morton musician and actress.



Jade McWilliam (1st dan)

John McInnes (3rd dan)

Nissara Kirk (3rd Dan)

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